Oriki Ibadan

.Ibadan, where Oluyole was born The third largest city in
Africa Known for its ancient civilization As peaceful as anyone
could describe As quiet as the people would like it I think of
Ibadan, I think of tranquillity in a city I think of Ibadan, I
think of country life and city life same time Ibadan, the city of
great warriors, Ibadan, the town of Ogunmola, Ibikunle, Ajayi and
Ojo I remember the legendary Efunsetan The kind woman whom by
nature’s occurrence turned wicked A true mother, rich in every way
A woman with the confidence of a man But the loss of her only
daughter turned the tide in her history of good deeds Ibadan, the
home of Latoosa Hmn, “Are Latoosa” “Are Ona Kakanfo” The great
field mashal Who travail in the face of war. Latoosa, the great
warrior, valiant in battle and astute in leadership Can the history
of the Kiriji war be complete without Latoosa? Ija ‘gboro ni’ja
Ibadan! Ibadan that glories in the victories and losses of her
valiant ones Ibadan that learns from the misdeeds of her elders Bee
ba gbo iku Gaa, ki e dawo ibi duro (If you know the end of Gaa, you
will desist from evil) Ibadan that stands against that which is
bad. Ibadan, with the unique language Do I hear someone say
“shiken” for Chicken? “Shair,” in the place of Chair, “Sow” for
Show They never meant to bastardize another man’s language They are
simply being the Ibadan that they are. Adugbo bee re bee, Ibadan
bee ree bee (Large land area, many compound houses makes Ibadan)
From Agodi to Dugbe; Beere to Beyeruka; Mapo down to Gate; Oke Are,
Oke Paadi Ososami, Oke Ado, Orita-merin, Orita mefa Ogunpa Oyo,
Yemetu Aladorin, Challenge Molete, Oluyole, Bodija, Ashi, Basorun,
Eleyele, Apata-Ganga, Omi-adio, Bako, Bakatari Owode, Orisunbare,
Aleshiloye, Odo-Ona Ibadan, the town for all Ibadan to gb’ole, to
gb’ole (Ibadan where both thieves and the lazy dwell safely) Ibi
ole ti n gbe jare ol’oun (Where the thief is favoured against the
owner) Ibadan mesi ogo! Ebaami ki oke Ibadan o (I salute the Ibadan
hill) The hiding place of warriors The deliverer of the warrior of
old No wonder they worship you as a deity Even as you breed other
hills Oke Are, Oke mapo, Oke Mokola, Olorunkole, Bako… Ibadan,
where civilization crawled in. The premiere university -University
of Ibadan The first television station in Africa- NTA Ibadan The
first sky-scrapper- Cocoa House Eba odan (Where bats dwell), the
home of innovation. Ibadan, ile Aje (Ibadan the home of
merchandise) I think of Ojoo market, where the fruits are at a
giveaway price Hmn, Ogunpa Oyo, where fashion is called home
Agbeni, the place for provisions Aleshinloye, the market for the
upper class Dugbe, indeed the centre of merchandise I choose not to
offend the traders at Bodija market Bola Ige International market
(Gbagi titun) Omi- Adio market, orita-merin, Beere, Akilapa Ibadan,
yes I call you again, IBADAN. Will these lines ever be complete
without my ever great Alma Mata? Queen’s School Apata Ibadan Indeed
the school of charming girls Do I hear some ladies respond to the
Blue and White! Call Hmn, Up QSI!! How can I ever leave out our
kings? The GCI boys, I salute o The Alma Mata of the living legend,
the WS of our time Many more to the land of Ibadan The Ibadan
Grammar school, the Loyola College The st Anne’s’ College, St
Theresa’s College, Our Lady of the Apostle, Fatima, Ibadan Boys’
High School, Wesley College of Science, These are ever green names.
Ibadan, ar’egun yangan (Ibadan the home of masquerades) The town
where masquerades are highly esteemed Ologbojo, ar’egun yangan
(Ologbojo, that rejoices in masquerades) To the front of the
Ologbojo, I see the masquerade’s calabash To the left of Ologbojo,
I see the many masquerades To the right of Ologbojo, I see many
masquerades Behind Ologbojo, I see many masquerades Lole b’egun
sere o Lole b’egun sere A f’omo a bi loje Lo le b’egun sere (Only
the child born in the Oje’s compound can play with masquerades)
Ibadan, the home of politics Ibadan will never forget the man at
Molete The confusing personae Some call him the kind hearted Others
call him the cruel The great politician cum area boy that controls
ruler The man with the governor’s portfolio Ibadan, that gives
equal opportunity to all Just show the will, Ibadan is behind you
Ibadan that dislikes cheating and lies Ibadan, omo ajoro sun
Ibadan, where the corrugated roofing sheets sings ancient
civilization Where the unplanned terrain says, your great- grand
parents lived or passed here Ibadan where the town head is more
popular than some chieftain Ibadan, we can only be proud of our
IBADAN. -Gbemi Orims.


Published by oloolutof

Urbanologist, Geographer, Traditionalist and Oral historian. ​I am a versatile, personable, computer literate and goal – driven achiever. I have good communication skill with ability to interact at different levels. I am self –motivated, can easily assimilate new ideals and quite adaptive to work in different environments. Studied in University of Jos, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and University of Calabar.

25 thoughts on “Oriki Ibadan

  1. Ibadan, omo ajoro sun, home of great warriors, great acheivements, d 3rd largest city in Africa, the largest city in naija, home of d premier university, place where first Tv station was established nd first skyscrapper ever in naija. D pacesetter state, ilu ‘badan to’gbe onile to’gbe alejo yoo gbe gbogbo wa o. A very peaceful and accomodative state, I’m so proud to be an indigene (born & breed). I support IBADAN state, omo’badan kini show, shoo sure ni


  2. A wonderful job done,Oke ibadan a gbe ọ.bt 4got 2 mention lagelu gramma school,ADEBISI idikan,to fi owo se isu jinna,who cook yam with money,adelabu,okebadan high school,sheriki of music 1,2,&3.well done.im proud of ibadan.


  3. IBADAN the place to be, the land of heroes and heroines, how would we narrate history of Nigeria without mentioning IBADAN?. Am proud to be an indigen of IBADAN


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