Alaafin Adeyemi writes on Ede.

Alaafin writes on ede town, An indelible footprint on the sand of history A goodwill message delivered by the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, at the coronation ceremony of the 13th Timi of Ede, Oba Munirudeen Adesola Lawal Laminisa I, on Wednesday 5th March, 2008 at the palace ground, Ede. In WestContinue reading “Alaafin Adeyemi writes on Ede.”

Yoruba Beaded Crowns: Ade n la

The Yoruba have a rich mythology which preserves their history and supports their institutions. According to one version of their origin myth, (Lloyd 222-223) the chief god Olorun (oh-lo-roon), god of the sky, let down from heaven a chain, by means of which his chosen delegate, his son Oduduwa (Oh-due-duŽ-a), descended to the primeval waters.Continue reading “Yoruba Beaded Crowns: Ade n la”

How Oyo Empire collapsed

Shortly after Oyo Empire expanded her influence westwards, capturing Port Novo and making Dahomey (present-day Benin Republic) a vassal state pay tributes of 40 guns and 400 loads of cowries and corals regularly to Oyo, of course after phases of wars that made Oyo army a dread to the Dahomeyans, Alafin (Emperor) Labisi appointed aContinue reading “How Oyo Empire collapsed”

Yoruba oriki: A dying cultural genre?

The oriki is a time-honoured cultural form. But Yoruba youths appear to be no longer interested in it. The Yoruba oriki (cognomen) is a form of cultural expression which is prevalent in Africa. Among the Yorubas, it is a time-honoured poetic form, a repository of traditional lore, values, virtues and accomplishments. The oriki has beenContinue reading “Yoruba oriki: A dying cultural genre?”

Orunmila. Deity of wisdom, knowledge & divination.

He is the great benefactor of the humanity and his main advisor. He reveals the future through the secrets of Ifa, the supreme oracle. He is also a great healer, and those who ignores his advices can undergo the ups and downs produced by Eshu. Orunmila represents the wisdom, the intelligence, and the cleverness thatContinue reading “Orunmila. Deity of wisdom, knowledge & divination.”

Oduduwa: Saving history from ethnic propaganda   CHUKWU EKE Lagos, Nigeria

  I do not know why the Yoruba are so unsettled by the recent claim made by the Oba of Benin to the effect that Oduduwa was a felon expelled from Benin kingdom. The story is not new. The Bini have known and told it before now. I know because I heard it two years ago fromContinue reading “Oduduwa: Saving history from ethnic propaganda   CHUKWU EKE Lagos, Nigeria”