Kiriji War was the decisive war that prevented Ijesas and Ekitis from being subjugated by the Ibadan bullies. It was the war that put an end to all manners of wars and semblance of wars in Yorubaland. It is a war that restored the dignity of certain parts of Yorubaland. Kiriji War was a battleContinue reading “IKEJI WARRIORS, IJESA/EKITIPARAPO ARMY AND KIRIJI WAR TRIUMPH”


The late Chief Ogedengbe Agbogubgboro, the Generalissimo of Ekiti Army was born at Atorin, a village about twenty kilometres from Ilesha in the now Atakomosa East Local Government areas. This was his mother’s village; his father’s village was Oke-Orisa which is about the same distance from Ilesha and in the same present day Local GovernmentContinue reading “OGEDENGBE AGBOGUNGBORO”

Yoruba and Benin Kingdoms: The missing gap of history By Kunle Sowunmi

THE statement credited to Oba Erediauwa Omonoba UkuAkpolokpolo, that the Yoruba race originated fromBenin Kingdom, was very rich in details and calls forre-examination by historians of high repute from allthe Nigerian Universities and recognised institutionsnot from uneducated and bias sources of chambers orshrines of some Obas or traditional rulers aspresently being envisaged or contemplated. ThestatementContinue reading “Yoruba and Benin Kingdoms: The missing gap of history By Kunle Sowunmi”