Contrasting history of Oba-Ile and Akure.

Oba-Ile’s history is shrouded in mystery and is also intricately linked to that of Ile-Ife, the cradle of the Yorubas. Many Yoruba books dealing with the history of the origins or myths of creation of the Yoruba race appropriately refer to the importance of Oba-Ile (or Oba-Akure – to distinguish it from other Obas) asContinue reading “Contrasting history of Oba-Ile and Akure.”

Brief history of IJESHA and IJEBU-JESA: the origin

Ijebu Jesa which hitherto before now was known and called Ijebu Egboro is the ancient historic town in the east of Osun State, Nigeria and it occupies a strategic position in Ijesaland. In Ijesa division, it is the next most important town politically and in terms of history to Ilesa. Her Oba is the nextContinue reading “Brief history of IJESHA and IJEBU-JESA: the origin”

The contrasting History of Ile Oluji and Ondo:

The Ondo Version. The Ondo people are one of the largest Yoruba subgroups, situated in the eastern part of the Yoruba¬speaking area of Nigeria. The weather elements that characterize the region are those typifying the rainforest region of Sub-Sahara Africa. The descent of Ondo people, as well as the geography of the Kingdom does notContinue reading “The contrasting History of Ile Oluji and Ondo:”

The history of Ilorin: the Yoruba link

The suzerainty of the old Oyo Empire on Ilorin, in the 17th Century was directly influenced by Alaafin Ojigi’s interest to save the Igbomina Yoruba area that had been turned slave reservoirs by the Nupes. He established the first administrative structure to coordinate the scattered settlements later known as Ilorin. The first of the OyoContinue reading “The history of Ilorin: the Yoruba link”

Ifa concept of Obatala in Yoruba history

According to Ifa oral tradition the first Oba (king) of the Yoruba Nation was Oduduwa from the elision Odu (womb) dudu (black) iwa (character) meaning the Invisible Source of Character. The word black in relationship to the word womb is a reference to the invisible or hidden mystery of Creation. The name Oduduwa suggests someoneContinue reading “Ifa concept of Obatala in Yoruba history”

History of Oro: the Igbomina stock

The whole nine generic communities of Oro came into being as a result of a bloody chieftaincy dispute that erupted in old Oyo Empire. With this bloody dispute, a lot of people lost their lives, thus; a man called “Olakanmi” escaped from the Royal palace with some members of his family, friends, loyal warriors asContinue reading “History of Oro: the Igbomina stock”

Derin Ologbenla the founder of Oke Igbo

Derin Ologbenla the founder of Okeigbo was a warrior from Ile-Ife whose trade was to prosecute war on behalf of the poor and the oppressed. It was through one of his efforts to liberate people that he founded what we know today as Oke-Igbo. Although, no official date could be given as when precisely Oke-IgboContinue reading “Derin Ologbenla the founder of Oke Igbo”

The Brief History of Iseyin

Iseyin, an ancient city in Yorubaland is rich in history, culture and tradition. This richness is evident partly in the socio-cultural relations displayed by the people of the City, and in the tuneful, didactic panegyrics commonly used to describe and hail it. Although there are many versions of Iseyin history, here is one commonly adoptedContinue reading “The Brief History of Iseyin”