History of Oro: the Igbomina stock

The whole nine generic communities of Oro came into being as a result of a bloody chieftaincy dispute that erupted in old Oyo Empire. With this bloody dispute, a lot of people lost their lives, thus; a man called “Olakanmi” escaped from the Royal palace with some members of his family, friends, loyal warriors asContinue reading “History of Oro: the Igbomina stock”

Derin Ologbenla the founder of Oke Igbo

Derin Ologbenla the founder of Okeigbo was a warrior from Ile-Ife whose trade was to prosecute war on behalf of the poor and the oppressed. It was through one of his efforts to liberate people that he founded what we know today as Oke-Igbo. Although, no official date could be given as when precisely Oke-IgboContinue reading “Derin Ologbenla the founder of Oke Igbo”

The Brief History of Iseyin

Iseyin, an ancient city in Yorubaland is rich in history, culture and tradition. This richness is evident partly in the socio-cultural relations displayed by the people of the City, and in the tuneful, didactic panegyrics commonly used to describe and hail it. Although there are many versions of Iseyin history, here is one commonly adoptedContinue reading “The Brief History of Iseyin”

A Short History of Modakeke

Modakeke is a town in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to three hundred thousand people.The Modakekes are also known as the “Akoraye” and have a history of valor at war and are prosperous farmers. With the fall of the Oyo Empire to the Fulani, the Yoruba kingdom was thrown intoContinue reading “A Short History of Modakeke”

Itan ilu Eko(Lagos): the Ife and Benin divergence

ITAN ILU EKO Written in 1914 by Omo-oba John B Losi Headmaster of St. John Evangelist school. ‘Before relating the history of Lagos, we must at the outset draw attention to the first settlers in the neighborhood of lagos of those descendants we shall give full detail. The first man that built Iseri and settledContinue reading “Itan ilu Eko(Lagos): the Ife and Benin divergence”

We know Benin history, don’t write it for us – Prince Akenzua tells Ooni of Ife

IN recent times, issues on Yoruba-Benin historical relationship have been nothing but hot and characteristically, disputatious. Controversy seems to trail every account. But no side of the debate would bulge. Prince Edun Akenzua, one of the sons of the late Oba Akenzua of Benin says the main reason for the mistrust by the two ethnicContinue reading “We know Benin history, don’t write it for us – Prince Akenzua tells Ooni of Ife”

Ago that became Oyo and Oyo empire

The ancient Oyo Empire, established by the Yoruba people, controlled a wide area between the Volta and Niger and rivers by the mid seventeen century. The capital of the state was moved from old Oyo (Katunga) in 1930s and the Alaafin (Lord of the palace) of Oyo kingdom still reside in the city. Population: (1995)Continue reading “Ago that became Oyo and Oyo empire”


Kiriji War was the decisive war that prevented Ijesas and Ekitis from being subjugated by the Ibadan bullies. It was the war that put an end to all manners of wars and semblance of wars in Yorubaland. It is a war that restored the dignity of certain parts of Yorubaland. Kiriji War was a battleContinue reading “IKEJI WARRIORS, IJESA/EKITIPARAPO ARMY AND KIRIJI WAR TRIUMPH”


The late Chief Ogedengbe Agbogubgboro, the Generalissimo of Ekiti Army was born at Atorin, a village about twenty kilometres from Ilesha in the now Atakomosa East Local Government areas. This was his mother’s village; his father’s village was Oke-Orisa which is about the same distance from Ilesha and in the same present day Local GovernmentContinue reading “OGEDENGBE AGBOGUNGBORO”