The Brief History of Olugbo lineage: Obamakin Osangangan

His Highness, Oba Obateru Akinruntan, Olugbo of Ugboland Oranfe is the god of lightning and thunder sent by Eledumare to the universe. (He had) his primary abode at Oke-Ora as a god and had his house built of fire both in heaven and his earthly abode on Ora hill (Oke-Ora) in Ile-Ife then known asContinue reading “The Brief History of Olugbo lineage: Obamakin Osangangan”

Yoruba from The Early Period

Ile-Ife according to Yoruba belief is the earthly origin and fountain of all. Yoruba is a pre historic race. Ife traditional history maintains that from Ife scattered the various species of mankind. Yoruba history tells that the personage Oduduwa migrated to Ile-Ife where he reigned and held sway, established the Yoruba dynasty, and Oduduwa couldContinue reading “Yoruba from The Early Period”

Regency in Yorubaland

Princess Adetutu Adesida- Dike the Regent of Akure Regency, a practice, whereby a princess is allowed to occupy the throne until a substantive king is installed, is presently practiced in some states in yorubaland. In yoruba tradition, regency is designed to honor the first daughter of every Oba/king/High chief who died on the throne. However,Continue reading “Regency in Yorubaland”

Deji of Akure’s 850-yr-old palace

Ua Lila, Ua Ogoga, Ua Ibura, Ua Oriole, Ua Ojukoto, Ua Agbeto, and twelve other courtyards make up the cultural magnificence that is the old palace of the Deji of Akure. Still standing despite being constructed more than 850 years ago. . The old palace of the Paramount Ruler of Akureland, the Deji of Akure,Continue reading “Deji of Akure’s 850-yr-old palace”

The Brief History of Ijero-Ekiti

Odùduwà arrived ancient Ife with his group which eventually conquered the component communities they met and evolved the palace structure with an effective centralized power and dynasty. Oral history tells us that Oduduwa had EIGHT children. SEVEN (Onipopo of Popo, Onisabe of Sabe, Alara of Ara, Ajero of Ijero, Orangun of Oke-Ila, Owa Obokun AjibogunContinue reading “The Brief History of Ijero-Ekiti”

The Brief history of Efon-Alaaye

About 800 A.D., Odùduwà, the progenitor of the Yorùbá race and civilization established Ifẹ̀ dynasty. The first was Ife Oodaiye, Ile Owuro (the land of the most ancient days where the dawn was first experienced). Tradition tells us that this Ife ended as a result of a flood. The survivors formed the nucleus of theContinue reading “The Brief history of Efon-Alaaye”

Brief history of Emure-Ile.

Prince Fagbamila Obadudu was bidden by his father to look for a territory where he could settle with his own people. He was sent forth with blessings by the entire Oduduwa royal family as he left Ile-Ife. Prince Obadudu was given the following paraphernalia of royalty – a Beaded Crown, a Sword (to win laurelsContinue reading “Brief history of Emure-Ile.”